Activate the service workers

By activating the service workers, transform your web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA) in just one click.

The Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that offers a user experience similar to a native application. Technically, PWA uses service workers to manage requests and caching. However, these service workers are not supported by all operating systems and browsers in the same way. If a device is not compatible, your application will function as a classic web app for the user.

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Activate the Progressive Web App

  • Go to the Settings tab of your web app.
  • Go to the Web section and activate the button corresponding to Service Workers.

The Full Download option ensures that the application has been fully downloaded during its first use and that users will therefore be able to access it offline.

Users will be able to add the app to their home screen.

Browser compatibility

One of the main constraints of the PWA is browser compatibility due to the use of workers services. Before you start, make sure that your audience is well-equipped:
Browser Compatible version
Chrome Desktop 40
Edge Desktop 17
Chrome Desktop 44
Internet Explorer Desktop Not supported
Opera Desktop 24
Safari Desktop 11.1
Android Webview Not supported
Chrome Android 40
Edge Mobile 17
Firefox Android Mobile 44.0 (44)
IE Mobile Not supported
Opera Android OK
Safari iOS 11.1  
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