Deploy unlisted app to the Apple App Store

Deploy your application to a restricted audience on the App Store using unlisted apps. This process is similar to publishing an application on the App Store.

Unlisted Apps

Apple's distribution of unlisted apps allows you to distribute applications to a limited audience.

To access unlisted apps, users need to use a direct link as these apps are not accessible through searching in the App Store. They do not appear in categories, charts, recommendations, search results, or other App Store lists.

However, when a user opens a link, they get the same experience as in the App Store.

Submitting an Unlisted App to the App Store

To distribute an unlisted app on the App Store:

  • Your application must already be on the App Store or submitted for App Review.
  • Add a note in the Review Notes section of your submission to indicate unlisted distribution.
  • Since you do not want this application to be accessible to the public, set everything to Manual Release. After the review process, submit a request for distributing an unlisted app.
  • The account owner must submit this form. If you fill out this form before review or by a user other than the account holder, your request will be rejected:
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