API Offline Data

Thanks to the HTTP component's Offline mode, give access to API data without an internet connection.
PandaSuite's great strength is that your application is available offline even if data is coming from an API. Although a request is necessary to obtain the data, PandaSuite has implemented a way to obtain the data to make it completely autonomous for all your uses.

Offline mode of the HTTP component

The HTTP component allows the application to communicate with an external API and exchange data. However, when the application is offline, it cannot communicate with the external API and therefore cannot retrieve the necessary data for its proper functioning.
This is where the HTTP component's ability to work offline comes in. It has the ability to download data (text + media) in advance at a time "t" so that when the application is offline, it can still access this cached data and use it to function normally.
It also allows managing the update of cached data when the internet connection is restored. This can be done automatically or by asking the user to manually refresh the data.

Activate offline data

Select your HTTP component. Double-click on it to access the configuration view.
In the CONFIGURATION tab, click on the Test request button.
The first step is to identify the URLs related to the media. Browse the data and click on one of these URLs so that it can be identified. The data appears at the top of the view. In the drop-down menu, choose the type: Boolean, Image, Audio...
Then go to the OFFLINE tab and click on the Refresh downloadable results button. Then click on the download button to download them.

Update data

If updates are made to the database, the same procedure must be repeated in PandaSuite Studio.

If your application has already been exported, it is necessary to re-export the correct file (IPA, APK, EXE). Don't forget to activate the option to make it autonomous.

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