Create a project

Welcome to this tutorial that will guide you through creating your first project with PandaSuite. 

To get started, log into your PandaSuite account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one for free.

Create a new project

Open PandaSuite Studio on your computer. 

Click on the Create a blank project button.

If you prefer to use a template, you can select one from the section.

Project type selection 

A pop-up opens. Choose the type of this project: Web, Mobile (iOS & Android), Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Custom

This choice is indicative for selecting the right format. Your project is automatically available in all formats (web, iOS, Android, Windows) regardless of your choice.

Setting a default name and size 

Choose the name of your project. You can modify it later.

The size corresponds to the reference size of your project. By default, your project has a fixed size, but you can enable responsiveness for automatic formatting. 

The orientation is fixed.

Your project has now been created !

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