Create Screen Saver

When you create interactive display for touch screen kiosks, a screen saver can attract attention and invite interaction. Discover how to create a screen saver for your touch screen kiosk with the Timer in Inactivity Mode and redirection to a dynamic screen saver screen.

Design screen saver

The screen saver should be both attractive and informative. Here are some elements you can include:

  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Encourage users to interact with the kiosk with a clear and engaging message, such as "Touch to begin" or "Discover our collection".
  • Animations: Captivating animations can catch the eye and spark interest. Use subtle animations to avoid overwhelming the screen.
  • Information or promotions: Take advantage of this screen to highlight important information or ongoing promotions.

We recommend creating this screensaver on a new screen. 

Using the Timer Component in Inactivity Mode

Now that your screensaver is ready, integrate the  Timer component and configure it to measure inactivity. Use events and actions to define what happens after the inactivity period: redirection to the screensaver screen.

  1. Add the Timer component to your project.
  2. Select Inactivity Mode
  3. Set its Duration to the time after which the screensaver should trigger and enable Auto-play so it refreshes automatically after each period of inactivity.
  4. Add an action: select the Timer and the Stop Playing trigger. 
  5. Choose the action to redirect the user to the screensaver screen once the inactivity period is reached.
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