Interactive Sales Proposal Template

Discover a presentation that highlights your sales pitch in a visual and interactive manner. It allows you to understand how to personalize the presentation for each client and gather information.

This template is available for free here:

Here is the link to the presentation:

Presentation Structure

This presentation includes four sections:

  • Key Figures: This is a scrolling page presenting images and texts about key figures.
  • Our Solutions: This section includes an interactive image that visually displays the products.
  • Use Cases: A slideshow format is used here to share client testimonials.
  • Our Estimate: This section features a dynamic cost simulator that adjusts based on the quantity and options selected.

Customization and Unique Link

This presentation is dynamically linked to an Airtable database, where each row represents a client and includes their logo (here, Grow), their estimate, and a unique identifier.

You can also use specific links containing the unique identifier ( to automatically populate the presentation with the correct information. Additionally, any updates to the presentation will be automatically reflected in the database.

To access the Airtable database:

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