Each object has its own triggers and you can create new ones. Choosing a trigger is the first step to create an interactive action.

The triggers are automatically adapted according to the device: single tap on a tablet = click from your keyboard for example.

It is possible to put two different triggers on the same object.

Select a trigger

Select the object of your choice

Go to Interactivities and click on + ADD ACTION to display the list of triggers.

Depending on the selected object, you will not have access to the same list of triggers. Each object has default triggers but you can also access new triggers when you create markers on a component.

Automatic triggers

You can automatically trigger an action by using Display current screen/state trigger. These triggers are used to automatically launch an action when a screen or a status is displayed.

To select Display current screen/state trigger, you need to unselect all the objects of your screen/state.

triggers based on screen and state


Trigger with an object

If you select a shape, an image, a text block etc., here is the list of triggers. They are related to the user's gestures:

  • Single tap
  • Double tap
  • Touch down
  • Touch up
  • Swipe down
  • Swipe up
  • Swipe left
  • Swipe right
  • Mouse hover (web only)

triggers based on shapes


Trigger with a component

Select a component and access a list of triggers related to the functionality of that component. Each component has a different list.


triggers based on components

When you customize a component (adding a page, a marker, a state etc...), you have access to the associated triggers.

These triggers can be found at the top of the list.



The Interactive Zone component

The Interactive Zone component helps you create an interactive zone that is distinct from your state's elements. It's a transparent zone and you can place it wherever you like and select it as a trigger before clicking on Interactivities. 

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