Send Push Notifications

A push notification (or push message) is a message sent directly to the smartphone or tablet of your users, even if the application is not open.

This is a powerful marketing tool to retain and engage users over time. This article will tell you how: Engage Your Users With Push Notifications

Discover how to send and configure push notifications.

1. Send Push Notification

Write down your message: it must be short and engaging, less than 130 characters.

For now on, you can not target specific users and schedule the sending: your message is automatically sent to all your users. New features will soon be released.

If your users have enabled push notifications, they will receive this message on their smartphone or tablet.

Your previous messages are available in the history.

2. Configure Push Notifications

To send push notifications, your application must be published on the App Store or Google Play. This service must be configured depending on the platform:

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