Send Push Notifications to iOS & Android Devices

Send a message directly to your users' iOS or Android devices even if the application is not open. You can also automatically redirect to a screen within the application.

A true marketing tool, it allows you to retain your users and maintain their engagement over time. 

Learn how to send and configure your push notifications.

Configure Push Notifications

To send push notifications, your application must be published on the App Store or Google Play. 

Discover the settings to configure based on each platform:

On iOS 

It is necessary to create a specific iOS certificate to enable push notifications. Learn more: Create an iOS Certificate

Next, simply upload this certificate and insert the password in the dedicated section of your dashboard ( Settings > Push Notifications > Apple Push Notifications). 

On Android

It is necessary to associate a Firebase Cloud Messaging account with your Firebase project. Here is the tutorial to follow: Configure Push Notifications on Android.

If you encounter any issues configuring this service, feel free to contact the team! 😊

Send a Push Notification

To send a push notification, go to your dashboard in the Apps tab:

  • Select your application
  • Go to the Services > Push Notifications section
  • Click on the Send Message button
  • Type your message in the field: it should be short and impactful, the limit is 150 characters.

For now, it is not possible to target recipients or schedule the time and sending of the message:  the message is sent automatically to all your users. New features will be added to this service soon.

If your users have agreed to receive notifications when they installed your application, they will receive your message on their phone or smartphone.

Redirect to a Screen

You can ensure that the user is automatically redirected to a screen after clicking on the notification. 

To do this, when writing the message, add a parameter in the Payload field.

Indicate "wid" = "id" where id is the identifier of your screen. To obtain the identifier of your screen, go to PandaSuite Studio. Select your screen and click on the dropdown menu 

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