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PandaSuite has its own words that have roots in both the design and web worlds. Before going any further, you need to understand those words that you’ll find all along your way.

Interactive action: the event that occurs after executing a trigger.

Component: a predefined module that helps you create great effects. All components can interact with each other or be integrated into each other. Components are at the core of interactivity in PandaSuite.

Trigger: an action or event that “triggers” the interactive action.

Screen: the support base of your app. It can be arranged in various states, i.e. in different layouts. There’s at least one state. All screens are independent from each other. By default, you can’t go from one screen to another: you need to create interactivity to define your own navigation. A screen is similar to a “page” in other software.

State: a specific layout, like a snapshot at a given time. You can base one state on another to keep automatic transitions and create simple animations. There are states in screens, foregrounds, backgrounds, and in some components: the Pop-up and the Multi-state. In all of these cases, they're used the same way and keep the same properties. State is similar to a “filter” in other software.

Master Panda: this will be you after your introductory phase! Test, hack, do it your way: this is how you will learn PandaSuite! :-)

Marker: a precise location of a component in terms of time, tilt, direction, or position. Markers enable you to add specific interactions to your component.

Object: any element inserted into the project: text, image, component, etc. It may or may not be visible.

PandaSuite Viewer: the free app used to access all the projects you're working on and to see how they actually look to users! Download it from the App Store and from Google Play and connect with your PandaSuite ID.

Synchronization: the act of coordinating the beginning and end of components together.

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