Use keyboard shortcuts

Dear Master Panda, welcome to a section we guarantee will make your life easier!

We know you need to feel familiar with this exciting new universe that will soon become your favorite companion, especially when you can’t sleep at night ;)

So we’ve designed a few keyboard shortcuts that are fairly similar to the ones you’re used to. They depend on the type of browser you use. To be on the safe side in terms of compatibility, we’ve made all shortcuts work with Alt, Cmd and Ctrl. So, for each shortcut, if the Alt key doesn't work with your browser you can simply replace it by Cmd or Ctrl.

  • Alt+G: Group
  • Shift+Ctrl+G: Ungroup
  • Double-click: Edit
  • Shift+Alt+C: Adjust the text block
  • Alt+C: Copy
  • Alt+V: Paste
  • Alt+X: Cut
  • Alt+A: Select all
  • Alt+Z: Undo
  • Alt+Y: Redo
  • Delete / back key: Delete
  • Shift+Alt+S: Save
  • Alt+ù : Move forward
  • Alt+): Move backward
  • Space: Remove/reset the magnetism (snap)
  • Space + scroll wheel: Zoom in/out the workspace
  • Esc: Exit pop-up window

 Tip: remember you can move all your windows and make them bigger/smaller according to your needs!

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