Custom domain

Connect your web app to a custom domain. A domain name is the URL or web address where visitors find your app. 

By default, any web app created with PandaSuite is accessible by its subdomain, like Custom domains allow you to make your sites accessible at your own, non-PandaSuite domain names.

Certificate Service Types

PandaSuite offers two different ways of providing a certificate for HTTPS.

PandaSuite-managed certificates

PandaSuite-managed certificates are offered to all PandaSuite sites for free. If you add a custom domain, we will automatically provision a certificate with Let’s Encrypt, enabling HTTPS on your domain. Certificates are generated and renewed automatically as needed.

Custom certificates

Custom certificates are a way for you to provide a certificate that matches your specifications — things like a wildcard certificate or an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. If you’d like to provide your own custom certificate, you can install your own.

To install a certificate, you’ll need:

  • the certificate itself, in X.509 PEM format (usually a .crt file)
  • the private key you used to request the certificate
  • a chain of intermediary certificates from your Certificate Authority (CA)

PandaSuite validates that the certificate matches the custom domain for your site and that the DNS record for the domain is pointed at PandaSuite, then installs your certificate.

Setting Up a Custom Domain

To assign a custom domain, you need to create a CNAME rule for your web app. This rule will use a subdomain of an existing domain (you cannot use this rule for a full domain). We recommend that you reserve a new domain and use the www subdomain to make the rule. You can also use a subdomain of a domain you already use:

Please note that there is a limitation for custom domain names: they must be less than 64 characters.

Beforehand, you must have published your web app. In order to use a custom domain with PandaSuite, it is necessary to configure a CNAME record (canonical name) in your records. Go to the website of your hosting company (OVH, AWS, Google Domains...) to do this. If you don't know how CNAME records work, contact your domain host, who can help you.

Adding the Custom Domain to Your Web App

After setting up the CNAME record, you can add this custom domain name to your web app. 

Go to your PandaSuite dashboard, in the Apps section. Select your application and go to the Settings > Hosting tab. Copy and paste your custom domain. Click Validate Domain. The connection is made and your URL is updated in the Web tab.

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