Register App ID and Bundle ID

Prepare the "identity card" of your iOS application by choosing the App ID and Bundle ID from your Apple Developer account.

💡 These steps evolve regularly and the tutorial below may not be up to date. If needed, here is the official documentation from Apple to create an App ID and a Bundle ID: Register an App ID

Create the App ID

  • Go to the Account section of your Apple Developer account.
  • In the Certificates, IDs & Profiles section, click on Identifiers.

  • Click on the + button at the top right to add a new identifier.

  • Choose App IDs and then select the type: App

  • Fill in the required fields:
    • Description: Enter the name of your application. This is NOT the name that will be displayed for the app in the App Store; it's a hidden identifier that serves as a reference for you.
    • Bundle ID: Enter a unique identifier in the following format: com.[your organization name].[your app name].
      Note down this identifier for the PandaSuite procedure.
    • Capabilities: Select Associated Domains and Push Notifications if you want to use them. Choose only the services you will use in your application.

  • Click Continue.

You have registered your application with Apple. 

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