iOS App ID and Bundle ID


This step begins in the Apple iOS Developer Program.

    1. Go to Certificates, IDs & Profiles in the left-hand menu in your Apple Developer account
    2. In Identifiers category, click on App IDs

        identifiers and app ids

    3. Click on the button + upper right  
    4. Fill the fields
    5. In the App ID Description field, write the name of your application. Please note that's NOT the name that will be displayed for your app on the App Store.

      app id description

    6. Write down the App ID Prefix (also called Team ID): it will be required in the PandaSuite procedure.
    7. Keep Explicit App ID selected.

      app id suffix

    8. In the Bundle ID field, enter a unique identification code with the following structure:

      com.[name of your organization].[name of your app]


      Please keep it for the PandaSuite procedure.

    9. In the list of App Services, select Associated Domains and Push Notifications if you want to send some. Choose services your are sure to use. Click on Continue

      app services

Your app is now declared and you have your bundle ID. Next step will explain to you how to generate your provisioning profile. 

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