Add New App to App Store Connect

Add a new application on App Store Connect.

App Store Connect (formerly iTunes Connect) is Apple's platform where you manage the marketing and distribution of your application. This is where you will prepare the description of your application as it will appear on the App Store.

We recommend preparing your listing in parallel with the IPA export to avoid last-minute surprises.

💡 These steps evolve regularly and this tutorial may not be up-to-date. If needed, here is Apple's official documentation:

Add a new application

  • Click on My Apps.

  • Click the + button to add a new app and choose New app.

💡 If this is your first application, choose the Company Name (your company name) that will be displayed in the App Store. If your account is for an individual, you can skip this step. Note: this name will be the same for all other applications you submit with this account, and it cannot be changed once registered.

  • Fill in the information for your application:
    • Platform: For a mobile or tablet application, choose iOS.
    • Name: Choose the name of your application in the App Store.
    • Primary Language: this is the default language displayed to describe your application on the App Store.
    • Bundle ID: elect the correct identifier from the list and DO NOT SELECT Xcode: Wildcard AppID - *.
    • SKU: An identifier that you choose and is used only in App Store Connect to uniquely identify your application.
    • User Access: You can determine which users will see this app in App Store Connect by limiting its access.

Provide application information

Your application is now created. Take the time to calmly fill in these different pieces of information.

App Information

  • Screenshots: import screenshots of your application. These will be used by Apple to illustrate the description of your application on the App Store. We recommend importing 5 images.
  • Promotional Text: The promotional text allows you to attract the attention of those who view your product page on the App Store.
  • Description: This is the description of your app as it will appear on the App Store (maximum 4000 characters).
  • Keywords: These are the keywords that will help users find your application more easily in the store.
  • Support URL: Enter the address of your website.
  • Copyright: The copyright for this application, which will be visible on the App Store.
  • Category (Primary): This is the category in which your application will be published on the App Store.
  • Rating: Click on Edit. Here, you must indicate the type of content present in your application for each of the mentioned categories. Make sure to provide accurate ratings for your application. Incorrect information can lead to rejection of your application.
  • Contact Information: Your name, email address, and phone number in case Apple needs to contact you regarding the review of your application.
  • Notes (optional): You can enter the following text: "Please note that this app permits: offline consultation of content / content sharing on social networks / bookmark (some posts chosen by the user are saved on his device, as long as the user keeps the app) / send push notifications to users."
  • Demo Account (optional): It is not necessary to fill in this field in most cases.
  • Version Release: Choose

    whether you want the application to be automatically released after it is approved by Apple or manually by yourself on a specific date.

Save the information you have provided. Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Pricing and Availability

Choose the price and availability of your application.

App Privacy

You need to provide a URL that links to your privacy policy.

Have you filled in the description of your application? Now it's time to upload the IPA via Transporter.

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