Deploy through Private Hub

Distribute your app to a limited audience and without any requirements using our private hubs (Panda Hub, Sales Hub). 

PandaSuite made it possible to share privately without all the constraints from Apple & Google Enterprise distribution: the private hub. Only users with the link can access your content on every device (mobile, tablet and desktop). If you want to remove access, just revoke the link.

Choose who you want to target: salesmen of your company, participants of an event, your investors, your grand-uncles etc. 

Two hubs are available: Panda Hub and Sales Hub. If you want to use them, select them in your PandaSuite interface and that's all!

Please note: only PandaSuite apps can deployed through private hubs.

Only constraint is that you cannot customize app icon. However you can also create your white-labelled hub for a fully customized deployment.

Deploy through private hub

  • In you personal space, click on APPS 
  • Click on Create an app
  • Choose your subscription model
  • Click on Updates and select your content
  • Go to Interface to customise the interface
  • Go to Universal Link to generate one or several download links

Customize interface

Even if you cannot change icon, customize the interface in which users download and access your app.

Go to APPS > Interface in your personal section. Add a title or logo, choose your color for the header, the menu icon and the buttons. 

 Note: Preview your changes in real time.


Send download links

  • Go to APPS > Universal links
  • Choose your hub: Panda Hub or Sales Hub. You can also create your white-labelled hub.
  • Choose your link name.
  • Copy/paste and send to who you want

 Note: you can create one or many links.


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