Embed Web (iframe)

Insert a Youtube video, a map from Google Maps or a web page in your project. 

There are different ways to add a web content:

  • With an iframe: content is fully integrated within your screen 
  • With an external URL: a new tab is opened to display web content

Choose your user experience you want. The only constraint: users have to be connected to internet to see web content.

Insert an iframe

  1. Add an Web Component
  2. In Properties window, choose "Online" type and add the URL
  3. Double-click in the zone or click on Preview to see you web page

 Tip: if your block remains empty, please check if the domain is HTTPS. You can only embed secure websites. However all secure websites do not authorize the use of iframes. If nothing happens, you should use an external URL instead (see below). 

If you want to display content from Youtube or Google Maps (from another platform), please follow these instructions to answer their security constraints: 

  1. Download the folder IFRAME.ZIP by clicking here.
  2. Insert a Web component
  3. In Properties window, choose Offline type and insert the folder IFRAME.ZIP
  4. Replace the embed iframe by your content's URL: copy the entire embed iframe and paste it in a text zone in the studio. Select the URL you see in the embed iframe. Paste this URL in Custom properties.

We recommend you to watch this video to really understand this process.

 Tip: using the Connected (Online) / Disconnected (Offline) triggers, notify your users when they are offline and can not access this content!

Open an external URL

  1. Select a trigger (for example a button)
  2. Open the Interactivities window and choose Simple tap
  3. In the list of actions, click Show External Content and insert the URL.



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