360° Image/Video

Insert 360° images or videos in your project, whether it's panoramas or virtual tours of your museum or your company. Control the movement with the gyroscope and create actions with other objects of your application.

Create 360° content using software

To add immersion, you can insert 360° images or videos into your project. 

PandaSuite does not allow you to create 360° content, but specialised software such as 3DVista or GoThru allow you to easily create virtual tours or interactive panoramas, and to add hotspots. 

You can then easily insert them into your project. Thanks to our PandaBridge library, you can  add actions to these hotspots, for example to redirect to the right content or to add custom navigation.

Insert a 360 ° image/video

To insert a 360° image or video in your project:
  • Click on Components and insert the 360° component
  • In the Properties window, select your 360° image/video. Choose to activate or not the gyroscope and the automatic playback. If it is a 360° video, activate the 360° Video button.
  • Double-click on the component area to display its content.

Trigger an event based on 360 ° image/video

Open the Actions window. 
Here is the list of available triggers: 
  • Single tap
  • Double tap
  • Touch down
  • Touch up

Interact with a 360° image/video

Select a trigger and choose the Interact with a component > 360° action.
Here is the list of available actions:
  • Play 
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Play/Pause

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