Insert 360° Image/Video

Insert your 360 ° image or video to create panoramas and virtual tours of your museum or office. Play with the gyro and create interactions with the content of your application.

PandaSuite relies on a 360 ° HTML5 player compatible Android and iOS called KRpano. There is not yet a 360 ° component available in the studio, but we have created a ready-to-use web component in which you just need to insert your photo or 360 ° video. Here's how :-)

Insert a 360 ° video

  1. Download the ZIP folder (download link). Add the folder and your 360 ° image / video in the Media window
  2. Add the folder and your 360 ° video in the Media window
  3. Insert this ZIP folder into a Web component
  4. In the Properties window, add your 360 °  video

    component's properties

  5. Choose whether or not to activate the gyroscope, as well as automatic playback.
  6. Preview

Interact with a 360 ° image or video

  • Open the Interactivities window. You have access to a list of triggers related to your Web component: Double tap, Simple tap, Touch down, Touch up, Connecting and Disconnecting.

component's interactivity

  • If you want to create an action on your component, select another trigger, choose the Action on component action and your Web component.

component's interactivity

  • The list of available actions is: Change Location, Trigger Marker, Pause, Play, Play / Pause

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