Track and report learner progress from your interactive module to an LMS platform.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a common standard for e-learning platforms (LMS); it enables interoperability of content across different LMS platforms and facilitates learning management.

With SCORM, you can track and trace learner actions from your interactive module to another LMS platform: progress, time spent, scores, and statistics within the same platform.

Integrate this SCORM component and export your project in ZIP format for integration on your LMS platform.

💡 PandaSuite is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004 versions.

Insert the SCORM component

Prepare your interactive module. Create your screens and set up the different scenarios based on user responses. 
To insert your SCORM component: 
  • Go to the level of your project. By inserting it at the project level, you ensure that it is present on all screens.
  • Click on Components and insert the SCORM component.
  • In the properties, choose the minimum and maximum score of this module. 

The Persistence option allows you to keep the user's progress on the device. 

Initialize and end the session

At the beginning of the module, remember to start the session. Choose a trigger (for example, launching the project) and add the action Act on a component > SCORM > Start the session

Similarly, at the end of the session, remember to end the session. Choose a trigger (for example, displaying the last screen) and add the action  Interact with a component >  SCORM > Set the session as finished.
You can define other statuses using the other available actions: 
  • Set the session as incomplete
  • Set the session as expired

Increment a SCORM score

As soon as the user clicks on a correct answer, increment the score on the SCORM.
To increment the score:
  • Select the correct answer. 
  • Click on Actions, select Single Tap/Click and the action Interact with a component > SCORM > Increment the score.

Is your module ready? Go to your dashboard. Create a new distribution (if not already done) and export it in Web format (annual plan).

In the Web tab, export your project in ZIP format.

Include it within your LMS platform (360 Learning...) like any other e-learning module.

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