PandaSuite is also a premium e-learning authoring tool. Transform your interactive content into a SCORM e-learning module that can be integrated into any LMS platform and track learner scores.

SCORM is a common standard for e-learning platforms (LMS).

The SCORM component makes it easy to track and report the learner's actions from your interactive content to the LMS platform: feedback of progress, time spent, scores and statistics within the same platform.

PandaSuite is compatible with SCORM versions 1.2 and 2004.


The SCORM component

Prepare your elearning module. Create the screens and set up the different scenarios according to the user's answers.
Download the SCORM component  from this link
Go to the Foreground of your project. (By putting it in the foreground, you make sure it is present on all screens).
Insert a Web component and upload the SCORM component inside.
In the Properties window, choose the minimum and maximum score for this module.



Initialise and increment a SCORM score 

On each positive response button, create the action with the SCORM component. Interact with a component > Web component > Increment the score.
At the beginning of the session, choose a trigger (for example, the first screen display) and add the action Start the session
At the end of the session, choose a trigger (for example, last screen display) and add the Set the session as complete action. 
Here is the list of available actions: 
  • Start the session
  • Set the session as incomplete
  • Set the session as complete
  • Set the session as expired
  • Set progress
  • Set the score
  • Increment the score
  • Decrement the score 

Export your e-learning module

Is your module ready? Go to Publishing Platform.

Choose your project and create an app in Web format (annual package).

In the Web tab, export your project as a ZIP.

Integrate it into your LMS platform (360 Learning...) like any other e-learning module.

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