Lock your tablet to an app (kiosk mode)

You want to use a tablet as an interactive kiosk during an event, an exhibition or at a point of sale? Find out how to lock down your device to an application so users won't be distracted from your use. 

For iPad

Go to Settings and then General. Go to Accessibility. 

Scroll down to the bottom to go to the Guided Access tab.

You see 4 options:

  • Guided Access: turn on and turn off. 
  • Passcode Settings: choose to use a passcode or Touch ID to control Guided Access. 
  • Time limits: choose to play a sound and speak before time ends. 
  • Accessibility Shortcut: choose to display settings with triple-click on the Home button while Guided Access is enabled.

Turn on Guided Access and choose a passcode or Touch ID.

Open your application and tap the main button three times.
The new bottom menu is made of 3 sections: 
  • Hardware Buttons Options: choose to block Sleep/Wake button, Volume Buttons, Motion and Keyboards. 
  • Touch: you can block the entire screen. 
  • Time Limit: define a time limit. 

On the screen of your application, you can draw areas to disable: these areas will no longer be sensitive to touch.

When you have finished your settings, tap Resume in the upper right corner.
To exit the mode, tap the main button three times, type your code and press End in the upper left corner of the mode settings screen. 

For Android devices

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent for Android. Nevertheless, you can set up a limited account that allows access to only one application. The user will be able to quit the application, but this is the only action he will be able to do. 
Go to  Settings and find the Users section (Cloud and Accounts, but the location may vary slightly depending on the model and Android version).
Once in Users, click on Add User or Profile

Then click on User (restricted profile).

Here is the list of applications for your tablet. Select only the application you want to present to your users. All the others will not be visible (except for a few like the Play Store or Google but access will be impossible).

To change your profile, slide your finger from the top of your screen (slightly outside). Click on the round colored logo with a head in it to bring up the list of profiles.
Select the profile you just created, and you're done! Your users have access to a very limited version of your tablet.
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