Add pictures, video and audio files

Add your content to dress up your screens

Select Medias icon, clic on + ADD to search in your folder and to insert your files. After downloaded them, they are available from everywhere on PandaSuite.


Accepted formats: .JPG; .JPEG; .PNG; .TIFF; TIF; .GIF

Size: Please read this article.


Accepted formats: .MP4; .AVI ; .WMV ; .MOV ; .FLV ; .MKV ; .MPG ; .MPEG

Size: Please read this article.


Accepted formats: .MP3 ; .WAV ; .WMA ; .AAC ; .M4A

Size: Please read this article.

Other contents

It's possible to add image sequences (GIFs), PDFs, 3D objects and VR content.

 Tip: do you know there are many web sites offering royalty free ressources ? Don't need to be à graphic designer to create handsome content! Visit our blog: Where to find royalty free pictures, icons et fonts ? 

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