Beacon Sensors

The Beacon sensor is perfect for sending contextual information in a museum, showroom or store. Based on a small physical box and on the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, it allows to trigger actions on an iOS or Android device when it is close, near or far from this sensor.

⚠️ Only for iOS & Android apps: These features are only available for native apps.

What is a Beacon?

Beacons are small wireless devices that use Bluetooth technology to send signals to nearby smart devices. This beacon emits at regular intervals a message interpreted by iOS & Android devices and allowing to define a distance. This technology allows an installation in a closed space and without internet connection with a maximum range of 70 to 450 m.In the context of PandaSuite, this technology can be used to create location-aware content in your interactive apps or experiences.

For instance, you could set up beacons in a physical space like a museum, store, or event venue. When a visitor with your PandaSuite-created app approaches a beacon, their device can receive specific content related to their location. This could be information about a piece of art in a museum, a special offer in a store, or a schedule at a particular spot in a conference.

Configure the Beacon sensor component 

In PandaSuite, the Beacon Sensor component is a powerful tool designed to enhance your interactive projects with location-based content delivery. When you integrate this component into your PandaSuite project, you can trigger specific actions or display particular content based on the proximity of your users to a beacon device

Please note you need to buy these Beacon sensors on your own. Many models are available ( RadBeacon, Estimote,, but make sure that your model is Eddystone compatible (not iBeacon). 

Attribute beacons

Insert a Beacon component: it is placed at the bottom of the Objects list, because it does not exist in your project.
In the Properties window, click on ASSOCIATE BEACON to scan for nearby beacons. Beacons are of different brands and are differentiated by unique identifiers. PandaSuite allows you to scan them automatically to fill in the authentication data! They must be located next to an iOS or Android device that has the PandaSuite Viewer app and the project in question open.

beacon sensorSelect the beacon: the identifier is automatically recorded but you can change it manually (never know!).

beacon sensor

Create actions based on a beacon

You have the flexibility to define the type of content or interaction that is triggered. This could be anything from opening a specific section of the app, launching multimedia content, or providing detailed information about a nearby object or exhibit.

To trigger an action near a beacon, select the component and click on Actions.
Choose among these triggers : 
  • Immediate: you can customize the radius but by default it is less than 0.5 m.
  • Near: you can customize the radius but by default it is between 0.5 and 2 m.
  • Far: you can customize the radius but by default it is over 2 m.
  • The closest 
  • Non compatible device

beacon sensor

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