Beacon Sensors

If you want to send contextual information in a museum, a showroom or a store, the beacon sensor is right for you. It lets you to trigger actions when the tablet is immediate, near or far from the sensor. Display a video demo of a product? Send a survey when the visitor leaves the museum? You just have to place sensors at the right place.

 Note: you must buy the beacon sensors. Many models are available on the Internet, but you should take one Eddystone compatible. For the price, the most famous one is sold in a 3-pack for $ 99, but you can find lower prices.

1. What is the beacon sensor?

The beacon is a small device using Bluetooth Low Energy technology to broadcast regular messagespicked up by the tablet and determine the device's physical location. This technology is perfect for proximity based experiences with a maximum range of 70 to 450 m.

Bluetooth must be turned on on the the tablet (a push message to the visitor?).

2. Set the beacon sensor 

Attribute beacons

There are many manufacturers and each beacon is represented by a unique identifier. To make it easier, they are automatically scanned by PandaSuite and identifiers are automatically filled in the studio. 

  1. Insert a Beacon component: it displays at the bottom of the list of objects, because it has no visible existence in your project.
  2. In the Properties window, click ASSOCIATE BEACON SENSOR to scan beacons nearby. They must be located next to the tablet, the recognition is made possible through the PandaViewer application.

    beacon sensor

  3. Select the beacon: the identifier is automatically recorded but you can change it manually (never know!).

    beacon sensor

Create actions based on a beacon

  1. To trigger an action based on a beacon, select the component and click Interactivities. 
  2. Choose among the 3 triggers: Immediate (0-0.5m), Near (0.5-2m) and Far (2m +).

    beacon sensor

  3. Create an interactive action!

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