Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

The BLE component allows to communicate between devices by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This link uses characteristics transmissions and receptions in an app (or several apps).

Example: A teacher wants to send a quizz to his students. You have to initiate a characteristic when the teacher click on the button and to launch the display of the quizz when students receive this characteristics. 

Each characteristic is unique and corresponds to one communication action. This characteristic can be used in an other app, if its identifiers are the same. 

1. Create a BLE characteristic

You have to add the BLE component and set a characteristic to create a communication. Click on EDIT BLUETOOTH (BLE).

In the EDITION window, click on + ADD CHARACTERISTIC 


A new characteristic is created. You can change its name by clicking on it and see its unique identifier by clicking on EDIT


2. Activate a characteristic with BLE

Once the characteristic is created, choose the trigger (in our example, the trigger was the button). In the actions window, select Interact with a component and select the BLE component. Choose the action Trigger characteristic and the characteristic you have created. 

trigger a characteristic with BLE

The characteristic is now transmitted. Choose what it will control.


3. Trigger an action with BLE

Go in the app which will receive the characteristic. Add a BLE component and set the characteristic whit the same identifiers. Select the component and click on Interactivities to choose the action it will trigger. 

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