In-App Purchase iOS & Android

Offer extra content using in-app purchases directly within your app and publish your app to the Apple and Google App Store.

Please note that in-app purchases are submitted to the 30% Apple and Google sales commission.

Since November 1, 2020, Android apps that use in-app purchases must include account suspension and restoration from the application. These new options are now available from your PandaSuite In-App Purchasing component and your apps are compatible.

⚠️ Only for mobile apps: This component only works for mobile apps published to Apple App Store and Google Play.

Create in-app purchase

Each in-app purchase has a unique identifier associated with your application. This identifier must be created in App Store Connect and Google Play.

Please note that you cannot test in-app purchase transactions in PandaSuite Viewer. For iOS, you must use Testflight to test the full user experience. For Android, you must test with a signed APK file. 

App Store Connect  

Go to App Store Connect and select your application. In the sidebar under In-App Purchases, click Manage.

Click on  + to add an in-app purchase

Choose the in-app purchase type: 

  • Consumable
  • Non-consumable
  • Subscription with automatic renewal
  • Subscription without automatic renewal 

and click Create. If you don't know which one to choose, please refer to this page.

Add the reference name, product ID, and a localized display name. Product ID will be required in the In-App Purchase component. 

Set the pricing from the list: 0.99 / 1,99 / 2,99 / 3,99 ...

Provide in-app purchase information.

Click Save.

Play Developer

Go to Play Developer Console, select your application and choose In-apps Products:

Click on  Add new product and choose between: Managed Product / Unmanaged product / Subscription

Fill in the Product ID field by clicking on the app. Choose the same as Apple. Product ID will be required in the In-App Purchase component. 

Select the pricing

Implement in-app purchase experience

Add the In-App Component

Design your screens. 

Click Components and add the In-app Purchase component. This is a non graphic component, it will only appear in the Objects window. 

In the Properties window, add the Product ID that you added in App Store Connect and Play Developer interfaces. 

in app properties

Trigger the in-app purchase transaction

Select the button and open the  Interactivity window. 

Choose Single Tap and the action Interact with a component and click the In-App Purchase component. 

Here are the actions:

  • Purchase
  • Restore Purchase

in app interactvities

Choose Purchase.

Unlock content after in-app purchase

Select the  In-app Purchase component and open to the Interactivity window.

Here are the triggers:

  • Not purchased
  • Purchased
  • Payment Success
  • Payment Error

in app interactvities

Choose Purchased and create the action: Go to a screen, Open a pop-up ....

This way you can also set up success and error messages.


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