Image Recognition

Scan a picture with your camera and trigger an action: an interview with the artist of his painting, a video ad to enrich your magazine, a clue for your geo-contextualized treasure hunt … The Recognizer component is the first step towards augmented reality !

Set the Recognizer component

  1. Add the Recognizer component. It’s at the bottom left in the Components window.

    recognizer component


  2. Open the “Properties” window of the component. Click on “Add images” to choose the picture you want to recognize. You can choose a picture from your Media library or add a new one.
  3. Choose how to open your camera. It could clicking on an icon, an image, or even a text. Create the action: when clicking on this icon, choose the action “Interact with a component” and select the Recognizer component.
  4. What do you want to trigger when image is recognized? Set the action. Select your Recognizer component and click on “Interactivities”. Click on “ADD ACTION”. Select “Recognize img” et choose the action you want to be performed. For instance, it could be “Change screen” etc ...
  5. Once the component is set, don’t forget to validate and to save. You can check the result on the PandaViewer app

There are numerous possibilities: you can display informative text concerning artworks or artists, launch a video or a music, open a pop-up or a form… the only limit is your imagination !

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