Deploy an Android application

Simpler than iOS, there are 2 solutions to deploy an application on Android devices: publish it on the Google Play Store or distribute it outside (it is an application from an unknown source).

Publish on Google Play Store

Google Play is the largest application download platform. All you need is a Google Play developer account and submit your application. The validation criteria have been tightened, but they remain more flexible than at Apple. 
+ Your application is accessible to all Play Store users and easily downloadable.
- Your application must comply with Google's constraints, particularly in terms of audience (measures are reinforced to protect the youngest audiences).
To learn more: Publish on the Play Store

Distribute an application from an unknown source

Good news: it is possible to directly install any signed APK file on an Android device. Just sign your application and generate the download link.
+ Send a direct download link to your users
- The user must authorize the installation from the Settings menu of his Android device.

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