With the Condition component, you can set criteria to trigger or not an action. 

Create a condition

Click  Composants and insert the Condition component.

A condition is composed of one or more expressions. You can choose to activate the condition if Any expression is fulfilled or if All expressions are fulfilled. 
Here is the expression of the condition: 

The data on which the condition is based can come from the data provider (e.g. a score variable), from a component or from an external source. 

Evaluate condition 

You can choose to evaluate a condition automatically (the Auto Evaluatio n option from the Properties window), in which case the action will be triggered instantly, sometimes even a little too quickly .
You can also create an action to evaluate a condition. 
Select an object and click Actions. Choose your trigger and the action Interact with a component > Conditions > Evaluate condition
You can choose from the existing condition or a random condition. You can associate a delay to it.

Trigger an action with a condition

Once your condition is created, you can associate an action to it.
Select your Condition component and click on Actions.
Choose the Evaluation trigger and associate the action of your choice: change screen, open a pop-up..

To get concrete examples, look at these articles: 

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