PandaSuite database

The PandaSuite database is an internal database to manage collections and variables within your application. 

Directly editable from PandaSuite Studio, this database allows you to simply manage your data. It is especially useful for creating variables and managing a collection when it calls specific features of PandaSuite, such as Zoom HD. Data is persistent even after closing the application.

Prepare your database

To add a database, click on Database and choose PandaSuite database. This is automatically added to your project level. Click on the arrow to open your database. 

To structure your PandaSuite database, you need to add properties. 

Add properties

There are many types of properties:

Boolean Only has two values: True or False
Number Integer or decimal number
Color Color in hexadecimal format
Text Unformatted text
Date Date in format 20/11/2020 10:21:05
Screen Link to a screen of the application
Image In PNG or JPEG format
Audio Audio file (MP3..)
Video Video file
Sequence Sequence of images (GIF
HD Image Component HD image with integrated source image
ZIP ZIP file
Array A data structure representing a finite sequence of elements that can be accessed efficiently by their position, or index, in the sequence  
Key/Value Data type associating to a set of keys, a corresponding set of values  
Collection  A set of individual elements that are of the same type  
Reference Link to items of the same or a different collection  
Multi-references Just like in Reference, you can link with several items from the collection of your choice  

If you create a variable, you only need one property. For example for a score variable, you only need one property of type Number whose default value is 0.

If you are creating a collection, you need to create a property of type Collection and inside, structure your collection by creating one property per field. So if you are creating a real estate catalog, you need to add a property Text for the name, a property Image for the photo of the property, a property Text for the description... Click on the edit icon of the Collection property to add new properties inside.

Adding items

In the case of a collection, once you have your properties set up correctly, you need to add the items.

At your collection level, click on. Add an item. Rename each item (for example: "2 bedroom apartment Paris"). Click the button on the right to edit the content. 

💡 There is no function to automatically import your content. If you have a large volume of content, we recommend going through an independent database, such as Airtable. Learn more: Connect to Airtable

Don't forget to click on the button  Save and Put in Production when you make a change.

Modify data

You can change the value of a data item in your database from a user action. For example, you can increment the score as soon as the user selects the correct answer. 

To modify a data item, choose the action  Interact with a database > PandaSuite database > Modify data. Select the data to modify and the corresponding function: Increment, Delete etc... For more information: Modify data

Refresh data 

The Refresh data action allows you to update your application if changes have been made in your database.
Choose a trigger event and the action I nteract with a database > PandaSuite database > Refresh data

Delete a database

Go to the Project tab and select your database.
Click on the delete icon.

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