Create an application for Pepper robot

⚠️ Important Warning: we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the Pepper Chat component. We have reached out to the Pepper technical team for assistance and access to Pepper Android Studio, in hopes of resolving these problems. Unfortunately, we have not yet received a response to our requests. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work towards a solution.

Developed by Softbank Robotics, Pepper is an interactive robot. With PandaSuite you can quickly and easily build, without coding, a robotic application that interacts with this robot.

Create your interface visually using our visual editor, PandaSuite Studio. You can create your own design, explore our powerful components (Scrolling, Pop up, Motion, Collection…) and connect to Pepper Chat really easily.

Install PandaSuite Viewer for Pepper using this link and try your apps directly on the robot:

You can also export stand-alone apps for Pepper (APK files).

Discover how to create an application for Pepper robot on Softbank Robotics Developer platform:

💡 PandaSuite is only compatible with Pepper in the software version "NAOqi 2.9.x" (Android version). This version of NAOqi is mostly used on hardware "1.8" because it is optimized for, but can also run on the previous HW version "1.8a". So PandaSuite is not compatible with "NAOqi 2.5.x", and not compatible with NAO either.

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