The functions are very useful for modifying data that comes from the data provider, an API or a component.

This list is not exhaustive and is mostly temporary: it will be replaced very soon by a visual interface.

Collection & Array

getByIndex: finds the item of a list from its index. For example: "I want the 3rd element".


When you are in a collection, you can get the current index with the magic expression: [data:(rowIndex)]

getById: retrieves a list item from its unique identifier. For example: "I want the element that has this identifier".


When you are in a collection, you can get the current identifier with the magic expression: [data:(rowId)]

count: counts the number of elements.


merge: combines two collections in one.


groupBy: groups the data according to a criterion. For example by author.


You can combine expressions. For example to count the number of articles of Fran├žois:

uniqBy: removes duplicates according to a criterion. Keeps only one article per author. r. 



add: adds to a number.


subtract: subtracts from a number.


multiply: multiplies to a number.


divide: divides to a number.


formatNumber: allows you to display a number naturally according to the project language..



Character string

truncate: limits the number of characters in a text by adding ... 34 is the maximum length



formatDate: allows you to display a date naturally according to the language of the project.



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