One-time Payment

You don't want to subscribe to a subscription or a recurring payment? By choosing the annual version of your publishing plan (Web, Single, Multi or Full), you get the sources of your application and benefit from PandaSuite services, including updates, for 1 year. You can deploy your application without any time limit. 

PandaSuite is a SaaS service: we essentially offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to benefit from all our services to create and deploy your application creation. 
Nevertheless we are aware that recurring payments do not correspond to all needs, especially when your application is for on a long term period or when you work with customers not used to subscriptions. 
This is why we offer a one-time payment solution: simply choose the annual version of your package (Web, Single, Multi or Full) and uncheck the Automatic Renewal box. You will no longer have access to PandaSuite services after one year. Nevertheless you will have access to the features to export the sources of your application: Web Export for the web app and Standalone Application for the native app in order to continue broadcasting. 
How does it work? 
  • During 1 year, you have access to all PandaSuite services, including updates. 
  • After 1 year, you keep your application active, but no update is possible (for the web app, you must find a new hosting solution). 
  • If you wish to make updates, you must pay again for a PandaSuite plan. 
Another solution for a one-time payment is the multi-year subscription. Our team is at your disposal to prepare a tailor-made estimate of the formula of your choice over several years.  Contact our sales team if you need a quote. 
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