Blow Sensor

The Blow sensor allows you to create a blowing-related action on an iOS & Android device.
Look at this example: the sequence of images of the sand is synchronized with the action of blowing on the iPad. The result was very pleasing!

How it works

The Blow sensor is based on the saturation of the microphone of the iOS & Android device: your user must blow at the microphone for his action to be recognized. Depending on the type of device, the microphone is not in the same place.

⚠️ Only for iOS & Android apps: These features are only available for native apps.

Insert the Blow Sensor

Click on Components and insert the Blow Sensor.
This is a System component, it has no visual representation in your screen but is accessible from Objects.
In the Properties window, customize the Blow sensor: 
  • Velocity: the velocity allows you to match the speed of the action to the intensity of the breath felt
  • Duration: choose the duration required to fully execute the action

Create a time marker

To trigger an action after a specific time in your blow action, you need to create a time marker. 
Go to the Component Properties window and click on the Edit button. Add a time marker. 
In the Actions window, choose this marker and associate it with the action of your choice.

Synchronize an action with the blowing

It is possible to synchronize a blowing action with another component: the Scrolling Area, an Image Sequence, an Audio file etc...
If we take the example of the video, it is a question of synchronizing an image sequence with a breath action.
Add a Synchronization component and select the two components to synchronize. 
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