Project properties

Discover the properties corresponding to your project in the PandaSuite Studio interface.

Select your project and go to the Properties window.
  • Dynamic layout: enable or disable the dynamic layout of your application. Learn more
  • Background filling: if your app is not responsive, you can choose the background color. This one appears when the device ratio is different from the app ratio. 
  • Magazine mode: The magazine mode allows a horizontal navigation by swiping (sliding your finger from left to right and right to left) between screens. Automatically you go to the next screen and the previous screen. Learn more 
  • Presentation mode: Presentation mode allows you to hide the mouse and use the keyboard arrows to control a presentation from a computer.
  • Background audio: Background audio allows you to keep the sound of the application when the application is minimized and the user is consulting another application (for example for a radio app).
  • Selectable text (Web): choose to make the text of your application selectable or not for the web app/PWA. 
  • UI System: choose the visibility of the iOS & Android system bars when browsing your native app. Learn more 
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