The Camera component gives you access to the camera from the application: it allows you to take a picture without leaving the application and to display this picture in your application.

⚠️ This feature is only available for web and native mobile apps.

Take a photo

Insert the Camera component into your screen. In the Properties window, you can choose the orientation of the camera: Front or Back
When you insert a Camera component, a graphic object is created: this is the area that allows you to display the camera view. If you do not want to display this camera view, place this component outside of the screen. 
To take a photo, insert a button.
Select this button and choose the action Interact with a component > Camera > Take a photo

Display the taken picture

To display the taken picture, just connect the source of an image to this component with the data binding
Insert a placeholder image. Click on Source in the Properties window and set the following path: 

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