Getting started with PandaSuite

With PandaSuite, create custom apps and digital publications without a line of code. Explore the greatest freedom of creation with a powerful and intuitive tool. Create an account for free to discover PandaSuite Studio and start building your first project. There is no time limit and no credit card required!

Download PandaSuite Studio 

After creating your account, you are invited to download the PandaSuite Studio application on your computer. Available for MacOS & Windows, PandaSuite Studio is the visual editor to create your application without lines of code. Import your content, explore our many components, create your actions, preview... discover your new daily companion!

Create your first project

When you open PandaSuite Studio, a pop up prompts you to create a new project. You can choose between a blank project and templates. Templates allow you to understand how an application was created. We recommend that you download one or more to refer to if needed.

Create a blank project

Choose a name and layout: Mobile, Tablet or Widescreen. By default your project is built on a fixed ratio (fixed layout) but it is viewable from all devices. For an optimized layout on all devices, you can enable the responsive or create multiple layouts


Accessible from a browser, the dashboard is where you can manage your projects and applications. It is composed of two areas Projects for projects in the works and Apps for those released in an app, web app etc... format. Find in your Account the information related to your subscription.

Download PandaSuite Viewer for iOS & Android

If you're creating an app for iOS & Android, test it directly on your iOS or Android device via the PandaSuite Viewer app. This app allows you to view your native app, share it, and instantly view your latest changes. Your updates are so fast, you don't even have time for a coffee!

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