API pagination

When you connect your application to an API to get data, the API has its own way of managing how the data will be retrieved, especially to optimize performance. Airtable, for example, limits the number of results per page to 100, which can limit the display of your result list. Managing pagination allows you to get around these limitations while maintaining fluidity and customizing the presentation of your results. 
There are several types of pagination: page pagination, cursor pagination, offset pagination...Offset pagination is one of the most commonly used pagination techniques. Clients provide a parameter indicating the number of results they wish to obtain per page, count, and a parameter indicating the number of the page for which they wish to obtain results, page. The server then uses these parameters to calculate the results for the specific page requested

Display more than 100 results from Airtable

After connecting your app to Airtable, double-click on the HTTP component and click on the Test Request button.
At the bottom of the list of 100 results, click on the Offset value to select it. In the Type menu, choose Offset Pagination and activate Merge results by indicating /records.

When you start the HTTP request, activate the Loop on all pages option

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