Customer Support and Bug Management

We are here to help you bring out your projects to life with PandaSuite

Support team

Our support team is small and reactive: we answer your messages in French and English, as quickly as possible and in a personalized way. Our team works from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, Paris time.
We process requests in order of receipt, with priority given to users with a Pro account.
We organize visio or phone calls with our users according to their needs.

Scope of intervention

We answer all your questions about using PandaSuite. Questions about the use of other services (Firebase, Airtable, Tripetto..) should be addressed to the relevant support teams.
If you need help with design or implementation, we put you in touch with partner agencies or freelancers.
If you need training, we put you in touch with independent trainers.

Bug fixing

Bugs are unfortunately part of the nature of a digital product like PandaSuite, although we work hard to keep them to a minimum.
If you encounter a bug, please report it to us using the Product Support form. Make sure you fill it in as accurately as possible so that we can correct it quickly.
On our side, we consult all bug reports and we process them by order of importance. The importance can be related to the severity of the bug, the number of users affected or its critical aspect for your business.
In order to solve a bug, we must first be able to reproduce it. Please provide us with as much information as possible (details, videos, screenshots). Please see our article Send files to the support team to prepare the right records with the right tools.

Educational resources

We offer a help center with over 150 free articles. These articles detail all aspects of using PandaSuite: features, account, subscription?

Our YouTube channel includes all our video tutorials and webinars that illustrate how to build an app with PandaSuite.

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