Single app kiosk on Windows

Deliver a full-screen, locked-down user experience on Windows devices. This is especially useful for fixed-use devices: kiosks, tablets or interactive displays. 
With Kiosk mode in PandaSuite, your application automatically launches in full screen. Some keyboard shortcuts are disabled, those that allow you to exit the application.
To activate Kiosk mode, activate the Kiosk mode option under Launch method in the EXE generation form

The kiosk mode in PandaSuite enables an app to open automatically in full screen on Windows devices, providing a locked-down user experience suitable for kiosks, tablets, or interactive displays. However, it's important to note that the kiosk mode does not restrict access to File Explorer, the taskbar, the desktop, the Action Center, or any other part of the Windows operating system. While the app will occupy the entire screen, users can still interact with the system and access its various components. 

PandaSuite has no built-in capability for creating a kiosk mode.

Here is the article by Microsoft to explain how to set up the kiosk mode in Windows 10:
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