"DiscoverComponents are your creation's cornerstone. Discover the components list, their function and how edit them.

A component is a pre-defined modules allowing to add interactive effects in your project. Components are personalised, nested in each other and you can create interactions between them. 

Components are available from the icon Components on the upper bar. There are two types of components: 

Graphical components:

visual appearance on your work space

System components:

allow interactions without being visual 

 Tip: take time to discover each component and to understand how to use it for your own creation. Read corresponding articles to be assisted.

Edit a component

It's literally a box, a container in which you can add content. You have to go inside the component to edit it. Two ways to go inside:

  • by clicking on EDIT in the component's Properties window
  • or by double-clicking on transparent area (corresponding to the component) 


Each component has specific properties reachable in Properties window.

 Tip: look at the breadcrumb to not get lost.

Interact with a component 

A component can trigger an action or being the action. The action Interact with a component is available in Interactivities window (after you choose the trigger, like simple tap or double tap) and allows you to interact on its behaviour. You can add some markers to create personalised actions.

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