You can preview your project anytime from a computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) using the PandaViewer application. Every change is instantly updated - no time for a coffee!

1. Preview on a computer

    1. Preview your project by clicking on the Preview icon in the top menu.
    2. A new window shows up in the studio. Click on the menu icon (at the top left) to access the list of screens.
    3. A smartphone, a tablet or a desktop screen is displayed according to your project.

Using the preview, you can test everything in your project... except for the sensors (motion, blow...) that are only available through mobile technology. We decline responsibility in case of a failed attempt that will conduct to damage material.



2. Test on smartphone or tablet

Available on the App Store and Google Play, PandaViewer lets you test your current projects in real conditions of use.

  1. Download this application from your favorite store. Nothing to worry about: it’s free and you use the same user profile as the one created on our website.



  2. Access all your projects and the ones that were shared to you. Simply tap on the icon to open a project. Go back using the menu shown on the left (when you pull the screen towards the right).

You've made some changes to your projects?

  • If your project is opened, you'll receive automatic alerts whenever a change is made to your file: click on the blue banner at the top of the screen to download your latest version.

  • Or simply refresh the home page before opening your project: just pull down the screen and release. There will be an indication Updates under the logo to introduce a new version. Click to update.

You can also share your project.

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