Easily insert your PDF documents  in your application. Offline or online, choose your method depending on what you want to do :-)

Embed PDF

In the offline mode, you directly insert the PDF in the Web component. You can then incorporate your content inside your screens.

Before all, you must compress your PDF document to a .zip file in order to be recognized by the component.

  1. Select the PDF file and right click to compress your file: your zip is ready! :-)
  2. Insert a Web component
  3. In the Properties window, click ADD SOURCE and select the .zip folder
  4. Enter the name of the PDF in the path of the HTML content (Properties window)
  5. Double click on the transparent area to preview the PDF document: you can adjust the size for a better display.


Create link to PDF

If your PDF document is online, you can display it using its URL after an action in your application. You need to use the action: "Show external content". The PDF document is opened from the web browser of the device.

  1. Choose the trigger of your choice.
  2. Choose the action: "Show external content".
  3. It's all good and your PDF document will open in the web browser! :-)
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