You want to conquer the world, right? In that case, you need your app to be available in several languages. Relax! PandaSuite can help you do this really easily without having to create a new set of projects.

1. Creating different versions


  1. Click on the menu upper left and select Language Management.


  2. Choose your Initial Language
  3. Click on ADD to choose more language you want for your app

To go from one language to another, simply select the language you want. You'll then change the text, images and video sources while keeping the same layout for all your language versions.


 Be careful: if you change the size of your text area in one version (for instance to accommodate a translation that's longer than the original version), the change will apply to all versions.

 Be careful: if you replace your image using the Change source option in the Properties window, you need to choose an image with the same ratio to retain all the properties you previously defined.

2. Switching language

When clicking on Interactivities and once you've selected your trigger, select Change project language. You can display this option creatively, using flags that users can select to change languages as they wish.



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