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The Pro account lets you to better manage your projects. For only 29 euros per month, you have access to the following features for all your projects:

  • Share your projects with who you want: don't work alone anymore! PandaSuite lets you to give access to your projects using PandaViewer. Your colleagues / boss / friends can be test your project in real conditions of use and give you valuable feedback. Enter their email address and get started.
  • Duplicate your projects: re-use your work by duplicating an existing project. With the function "Change source" in the studio, you simply replace the media without changing the layout and interactivity. You will create your own templates and make it easier.
  • Transfer your projects: when working for a client, he/she sometimes wants to have the full control of their application to make updates. With the "Transfer" option, you send your entire project to your client. You will no longer have access from your account.
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