Follow this guided tour (3 videos) to create a magazine by using scrolling areas and galleries.

 This tour is available for beginners.

  These videos are only available in French.





20 minutes


Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Mask a picture (3:26)

    This video shows you how to use a mask on your picture to isolate and display the most interesting part or part you need in your content. Discover also how to center your content with an element as a reference.

  2. Active magnetism on scrolling area(7:24)

    This video shows you how to use magnetism in scrolling area to make it stop on a marker when you are scrolling.

  3. The magazine navigation(7:02)

    Activate magazine navigation allows users to change screen by horizontally swiping. Play with scrolling area, masks, galeries and positions to dynamise your content. This video also explains how to create play/pause button to launch an audio file.

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