Follow these steps below to reproduce the culture app. Discover how to create an "accordion" menu and explore interactive functionalities to detail artwork's composition. 

 This tour is accessible for beginners.

  These videos are only available in French.


Objectifs :


Duration :

29 minutes


Follow these 6 steps:

  1. Create an accordion menu (6:42)

    Create an original navigation menu. Adopt another way to create your menu in your app. Group your objects, create shadow and use linked states to dynamise your menu like an accordion.

  2. Create background image (2:04)

    Save time by creating one background for all your screens and states - no need of creating a new one for each state or screen.

  3. Display visual info above the painting (7:02)

    Display content according to a scrolling area. Use markers and multi-state component to make content appear. One marker for every information!

  4. Compare two paintings (4:19)

    Play with HD Zoom and Synchronisation to move two pictures at the same time. In this way users will easily compare and explore differences.

  5. Create guided description (4:54)

    Use the HD Zoom, Synchronisation, Multi-state, Gallery components and add markers to create an interactive way to discover a picture. Content will appear when users will zoom on a part of the picture.

  6. Create navigation menu (4:33)

    Create navigation menu that fits into your screens.Use foreground to integrate a simple and intuitive navigation into all your screens and then simplify user experience.

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