Create Geo-Located Event with GPS


Organize a treasure hunt in your neighborhood or a guided tour of your city using the GPS feature. This allows you to trigger actions based on a geographic position.

This feature is available as a ZIP file to download and insert into an HTML component. It allows you to define positions (markers) from which actions will be triggered. This is an invisible feature, there is no associated map.

 Note : This feature is built on the Google Map API to provide location data to your application. Good news: it works completely offline, users don't need any Internet connection.


Trigger an action with GPS

  1. Download the ZIP folder in our GitHub (click on this download link)
  2. Insert this folder in the Media window. Be sure to keep this name.
  3. Drag it into the screen of your choice.
  4. Double-click on the gray area. A map is displayed, this one is only there to edit  your markers of position.
  5. To place markers, move your map to the desired location using your mouse or use the search field to enter an address. Click ADD MARKERS on the left to create your component.
  6. Click EDIT to set this marker to enter or exit from the zone (only one possible). Choose the radius (in meters).
  7. Keep the HTML component selected and open the Interactivities window. Click on ADD ACTIONS.
  8. Choose your position marker as a trigger and set the action of your choice.

You have another trigger available: Geolocation error.

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