My 1st interactive gallery

We have prepared this exercise to guide you in your first steps. In a few clicks, you create a Gallery and buttons that control the pages. You will easily learn how to use the components and interactive actions.

  1. Click on the Components icon and select the Gallery.

  2. The visible zone of ​​your gallery appears in the center of the screen: use the bounding box to adjust its size and move this zone with your mouse.

  3. Double-click on the zone to edit: you can either Add images or Add blank pages. Choose images.

  4. Click on + NEW IMAGE to select images from your hard drive. Select several images using multi-selection and click on Open.

  5. You're back in your project! The breadcrumb tells you that you actually are IN the gallery. The window on the left shows you the different pages: each page is made of an image. Click on + ADD PAGE to add a new page.

  6. Click the Properties icon to access all your component properties.

  7. Click the Preview icon to preview your gallery: click on SAVE & PREVIEW. Download the PandaSuite Viewer application to test your gallery on a tablet.


You want to create a button to go to page 2 of the gallery? Let's go!

  • Exit your gallery by clicking on Untitled screen (1) in the breadcrumb or by clicking on the cross to close the Edit window on the left.

  • Add a shape to represent your button. Click on the Shapes icon and choose a square.

  • Move and resize the square to your liking and go to the Properties window to change its color.

  • How to create an interactive action? Keep your shape selected and click on the Interactivities icon. In the window, click on + ADD ACTION.

  • Select the trigger Simple tap and the action Interact with a component. In the orange menu, select the gallery and the Change page for page 2.

  • Save and preview.

Good news: you know now insert a component, modify it and create interactivity. The rest will be a piece of cake!

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