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You can update content at any time, on any platform and in no time This is why PandaSuite is magical :-)

The versions

During the creation of your project, it's a development version. When you decide to distribute your project (when choosing a subscription package), this version is duplicated and the new one is the production version. Both versions co-exist at the same time. The production version is distributed.

If you want to edit your project, you must manually replace the production version by the new development version: this is the update.


Update Your Application

  1. Edit your project in the studio and save your changes.
  2. Go to APPS > UPDATES
  3. In the table, the "Available Update"  status is also displayed for your project. Click on the menu to the right and update your project
  4. New version is automatically distributed on all platforms.

 Note: users who have already downloaded the application will be notified of the update.


Functional updates 

We work every day to improve performances. For functional updates (new functionalities in your app, bugs correction...) we give you a new IPA or APK file.

Si you have to create a new version on iTunes Connect and Google Play. Here is the process: 

A. New IPA

To submit a new IPA you must upload it with Application Loader and create a new version on iTunes Connect.

New file upload.

  1. Open Application Loader.
  2. Choose Distribute my app.
  3. Enter the version number given by the PandaSuite team (it was used for the IPA file creation).
  4. Follow steps to end the process.

Create a new version

  1. Open iTunes Connect and select your app
  2. Create a new version by clicking on "+VERSION OR PLATFORM" below the list and choose iOS.
  3. Enter the version number given by the PandaSuite team.
  4. Fil the description: "News". It's displayed in the App Store.
  5. In Build part, choose the build you just uploaded with Application Loader.
  6. End the process.




B. New APK

(part in progress)

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