You can distribute your content to who you want, instantly and without any validation of Apple and Google. Only users who have the link can download this content.

This way you can only distribute to the users of your choice: salesmen of your company, participants of an event, your investors, your grand-uncle etc. Press release, sales support... any support you want!

You can share this link with who you want: it automatically downloads an application (PandaHub or your own hub). Inside this application, users have access to your project. This interface is customizable (logo and main colors).

This smart link displays an adapted version according to the used device (tablet, smartphone, desktop). This link doesn't meet Apple and Google so you don't need there validation anymore. Send your link instantly to who you want!


Create private apps

  1. In you personal space, click on APPS 
  2. Click on CREATE AN APP
  3. Choose your subscription model
  4. Click on UPDATES and select one or several projects
  5. INTERFACE allows you to customise the interface
  6. Click on UNIVERSAL LINK tab to create one or several download links
  7. Copy/paste this link and send it to your recipients 
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