Yes, you can deploy your app to who you want, instantly and without any validation of Apple and Google. 

There are 3 ways to create a private app:

  • Enterprise distribution from Apple & Google: those platforms provide solutions to deploy your native apps to a fleet of devices. Ad hoc distribution, in-house deployment or private app stores: find the best solution for your needs! Be careful, you will need to follow a procedure: Enterprise developer account, device registration ...

  • PandaSuite private hub: deploy your native app within a private download hub (PandaHub or other). Only users with the access link can download this content. Create your white-labelled private hub!

  • Web app: available from all browsers and via a customizable URL, this is a good solution when the native app is not required!

Compare the different options:




Private Hub Web app
Developer account Individual Enterprise No No
Device registration Yes Yes No No
Custom icon Yes Yes Yes (if white-labelled hub) Yes (if PWA)
Format Only iOS iOS/Android iOS/Android HTML5
Price €99/month for one support €99/month for one support €99/month for one support (except white-labelled hub) €79/month

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