Create Your Own Hub

By default, your circles are automatically hosted in the PandaHub application. When your recipients click on the link the first time, they are invited to download this application. The content is then available within the application (to download first, then available offline).

If you want a white-labelled deployment out of the stores, create your own hub. This is a standard application iOS and Android, available on the App Store and Google Play that turns into a hub for downloading your circles.

It contains public content accessible to the public. Once it is available on the App Store and Google play, it can be used to host your circles.

The price of a custom hub is from €99 per month including:

  • iOS and Android "hub" application
  • Hosting of your circles
  • White-labelled application
  • Including a public content
  • Live updates

To create a custom hub, go to the HUB tab of your administration interface.

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